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Wildfire Near Chuch & State Production Facility in Oliver

A message from Church & State Wines:

"As I'm sure many of you have seen in the media the past few days, two very aggressive fires took off on Friday afternoon, adding to the tragedy of the Rock Creek fire burning to the east.

While our tasting bar and public space is on Black Sage Bench, well away from the flames, our Production Facility, home to our cellar, bottling hall, bottled wine warehouse,and 3 residential buildings, backs up against the tinder dry scrub lands of the upper Golden Mile Bench.

The fire was spotted at approximately 5:45 on Friday evening, and within an hour had spread dramatically, with the winds feeding it towards our Production Facility.

Around 7:00 pm, we began evacuating the property, removing computers, winemaking records, andany small equipment we could fit in our vehicles. A full inventory and video walkthrough of the facility was conducted, and all staff left the property. At this point, flames were estimated to be between 300-500 meters from the property line.

We observed the fire while listening to the emergency services scanner broadcast from the safety of the Coyote Bowl Tasting Bar. As darkness fell, we were able to observe one emergency light that remained on at the Production Facility. With winds hitting over 90kph, flames rapidly progressed to the south and at approximately 10:00 pm we lost sight of the emergency light, as flames and smoke enveloped the property. It was at this time we believed the property to be burning.

After about an hour of believing the Facility to be burning, the winds shifted and died down a bit, and we regained sight of the emergency light.

At about 1:30 am, we were able to access the property and confirmation was made that the flames had stopped approximately 10-15m from the uppermost building on the Facility property.

We are so thankful for all the hard work done by Emergency Services, and the kindness shown by our neighbours and friends who stopped by to offer help or just bring a coffee around.

While we are safe at the Production Facility, there are still many places where the fire is still burning around the South Okanagan. Our thoughts are with everyone still battling this blaze and the many others around BC.

Thank you to everyone that has sent their support, and our supreme gratitude to all those fighting these fires - without their efforts our winery would have likely been lost. "


Thursday, August 27 from 4 to 7pm

Riesling is the world's greatest white wine grape, so needs no introduction.

This applies even more so with the group being poured as any entered in competition is an award winner.

The wines being poured are:

Arrowleaf Riesling 2014
Arrowleaf's first Riesling is grown in the Ritchie Vineyard, located just south of Okanagan Centre. Although the climate here is generally cool in grape growing terms, the 2014 vintage was quite warm and the young vines ripened their limited clusters of grapes to a high sugar level. This has translated into a ripe style of Riesling with notes of tropical fruit and a rich palate. Floral, apricot, pineapple and lemon aromas are followed by an off-dry palate with residual sugar amplifying the rich fruit aromas. A fresh streak of acidity balances it out and keeps it lively on the finish. Ideal as an aperitif or patio wine.
Gold - 2015 WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada
Gold - 2015 All Canadian Wine Championships
Finalist - 2105 Okanagan Wine Festival Best Of Varietal Competition

Fort Berens Riesling 2014

"This single-vineyard Riesling is one to sip slowly, despite the urge you may have to take a big gulp of the finely balanced, off-dry fruit cup, cool stonefruit and zesty citrus characters. It evolves in the glass to reveal gentle, aromatic aromas of flowers and sweet orchard fruit as it warms up to room temperature. The palate sparkles with effervescent, green-apple acidity and steely minerality. The finish is long and mouth watering. Enjoy this wine in its youth or, if you are proficient at delaying gratification, experiment with putting 1 or 2 bottles away for a few years and test for aged Riesling characters like honey nectar flavours or petroleum aromas.".90pts...Liam Carrier, IconWines.ca

Little Farm Riesling 2013
Little Farm Winery is the small hands-on operation of Rhys Pender MW and Alishan Driediger. It started with a passion for wine and developed into growing and producing Chardonnay and Riesling from their 4 acre Mulberry Tree Vineyard at their home in Cawston, BC in the beautiful Similkameen Valley. The goal was always to make wines with minimal manipulation and intervention that really captured the vineyard site and the growing season. The vines were planted in 2009 on the calcium carbonate rich soil and braving the unforgiving Similkameen sun and wind.

"Fresh, lemony and a bit appley with lovely focus. Bright and quite mineral with a lovely texture and subtle honeyed notes. A lovely wine. 92/100...Jamie Goode
Jamie Goode is a London-based winewriter who is currently wine columnist with UK national newspaper The Sunday Express.

Mission Hill Reserve Riesling 2013
"A vintage that was early to start and late to finish has high-quality riesling written all over it. Expect a picture-perfect combination of fruit and acidity with just enough residual sugar to make it extremely fun to drink. Look for intense citrus/peachy fruit flavours with a tiny hint of petrol/orange marmalade and minerality. Lively, food-friendly and eminently drinkable all under screw cap for maximum freshness. A real bargain, load it on if you are a riesling fan." 90pts...Anthony Gismondi, Vancouver Sun
Gold - 2015 Wine Align National Wine Awards of Canada

St. Hubertus Dry Riesling 2013
This National Wine Awards Bronze medal winner is classic style and was just released.

THE EXTRA - Perseus Syrah 20121

Saturday, August 29 from 4 to 7pm


In the current edition of the Okanagan Wine Tour Guide, John Schreiner write "The history of North Okanagan grape growing and winemaking lives here. The winery was launched in 2009 by the Sperling family whose Casorso ancestors planted Kelowna's first vineyard in 1925". This is where acclaimed Ontario and International winemaker Ann Sperling grew up and wished to return to make wines from grapes farmed on her ancestral vineyard. Part of what makes the vineyard unique is very diverse soils within the site.

For this tasting the winery has agreed to pour their latest and hottest wines that are perfect for summer and early fall.

At this tasting, April, from Sperling, will pour:

Market White 2014
A clean, crisp finish, the Market White pairs well with all types of food, but is lovely on its own. The slightly lower alcohol makes it easy to pair with flavourful, fresh and spicy foods.

Pinot Noir 2013
On tasting the 2012 vintage David Lawrason wrote "The slopes on the east and west sides of the lake near Kelowna are, in my mind, prime pinot country in BC. The Sperling site is farther "inland' and higher altitude, producing a lighter, tighter, leaner pinot style, that is still based on a "hot rock-lava"minerality I have come to pick up in this region. Riveting, mouthwatering wine that should age very well." Sara d'amato wrote "Sperling's home vineyard site in the Okanagan is home to this expressive and world-class pinot with both freshness and impact. Modern, stylish but well endowed with classic pinot charm." This new release is from the same vines (but, one year older) on the same site. Wine is often about place, so we are excited to premier this wine at our tasting.

Pinot Noir Rose 2014
Aromas and flavours of red fruit including fresh tart cherry and berries, slight spice and herbal notes all leading to a dry, crisp finish make this a classic Pinot Noir rose.

Made to refresh, it is a fresh, crisp, aromatic choice. At 7.4% alcohol it can be enjoyed cool on a hot day or at lunch. The light spritz adds to the wine's delicacy on the palate. A true favourite!


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