Our last day is March 5. We intend to go out in Sip Wines style - with a bang! - doing our best - hosting our best pouring their best - Kim and Lyndell from Church and State will be here for our bon voyage! Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 11 from 4 to 7pm

Riesling is the world's greatest white wine grape. B.C. makes some wonderful Riesling. In fact, I can't understand why the white wine chosen for the challenge held in the Okanagan for Steven Spurrier was Chardonnay.

The wines being poured are:
Arrowleaf Rieslng 2014
Fort Berens Riesling 2014
JoieFarm Riesling 2013
St. Hubertus Riesling 2014
Summergate Kerner 2014 (a crowd pleaser that is sweeter than our Rieslings)

Saturday, February 13 from 3 to 6pm


During the 11 plus year life of Sip Wines, WE have been privileged to learn with some exceptional people who just happened to be members of our staff. One such individual is Brent Gushowaty.

Brent hasn't done a "shift" for a large number of months. But, when he heard we were closing, asked to do one before the penultimate date. As one door closes another one opens, so I suggested he come in and do a tasting pouring his passion, Pinot Noir, and promote his invaluable website, BCPinotNoir.com.

A little bit about Brent that he wrote and wine writer Natalie McLean posted on her website (where Brent is a contributor):

"My serious interest in wine started on my wedding day when a friend suggested letting a red wine "breathe" for an hour and discovering that I was able to taste the difference. Studying wine took me in the early eighties to the Wine Department of Christie's Auction House where a six month series of tutored tastings with the likes of Jancis Robinson, Michael Broadbent, Stephen Spurrier, Serena Sutcliffe and others, made wine a lifelong pursuit. I hold WSET Advanced (Distinction).

In British Columbia, I worked for a number of years as a wine agency representative, managed a wine bistro in Victoria and founded the Victoria Wine Society. I began BCPinotNoir.com in 2011 with a first series of tastings and launched the site in the Summer of 2013."

Brent's website contains the following:

"British Columbia winemakers are now crafting excellent pinot noir. B.C. is one of the few, blessed areas of the world capable of making fine pinot noir wines. I believe it deserves to be thought of in the "first circle" of pinot noir producing areas that include Oregon, Australia, Burgundy, New Zealand and California. There is a range of quality to be sure but that is also true of the more renowned pinot noir areas. If you are shaking your head in disagreement right now, then you haven't tasted enough B.C. pinot noir though thus far, certainly that has been difficult to do."

This is your chance to taste 6 of them.

The wines being poured are:
50th Parallel Pinot Noir 2013
Eau Vivre Pinot Noir 2013
Haywire Canyonview Pinot Noir 2012
JoieFarm Pinot Noir 2013
Meyer Okanagan Valley Pinot Noir 2013
Mission Hill Pinot Noir Reserve 2013

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